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Memes! [May. 11th, 2008|07:17 pm]
Sweeney Pies Nonanonymous


What can I say, I like these.  Here are some more I did with a Sweeney theme...

The Breakfast Club covers the five sterotypes that are suppossedly found everywhere.  I won't go into the premise or message, because I'm guessing 98% of people have seen this movie.  The Brain, The Psycho, The Princess, The Althlete, The Rebel.  List your fandoms and then assign these roles.  

The Brain: Mrs. Lovett.  Hey, she's the only one with buiness sense.
The Psycho: Gee, that's a hard one...
The Princess: Johanna, I guess.
The Athlete: Antony, the sailor boy.
The Rebel: Toby.  Killing your elders is frowned upon!

Pick 5 people from your fandom. Then pick a song that you would likely choose as a ring tone for them if you had them in your cell phone. List the person, the song and artist, and the reason why you chose that song.

Sweeney- "Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner", by Warren Zevon.  A song about a headless soldier wreaking bloody revenge- what more could you want?
Mrs. Lovett- "My Baby Shot Me Down", by Nancy Sinatra.  Title says it all.
Toby- "Mrs. Robinson", by Simon and Garfunkle.  Because I still ship him and Lovett, that's why.
Judge Turpin- "I Fought the Law (and the Law Won)" by The Clash.  Though why the HELL I would be close enough to Turpin to have a ringtone for him is something I'd rather not contemplate.
Johanna- "Help" by The Beatles.  I imagine it as being her default state of mind.

Name a character in comments and I will tell you five things that character would never, ever say. (Feel free to add your own suggestions by replying to other comments as well!)

Go ahead, using Sweeney Todd characters!

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(no subject) [Apr. 22nd, 2008|10:25 pm]
Sweeney Pies Nonanonymous

 10 Sweeney Todd icons with MST text!

sm1.jpg image by filmnoirbaby sm3.jpg image by filmnoirbaby sm8.jpg image by filmnoirbaby

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Meme from tiptoe39 [Apr. 20th, 2008|02:20 pm]
Sweeney Pies Nonanonymous

Choose a fandom and switch the gender of every main character; then cast it with characters from other fandoms (and/or the same fandom). For example:
Sailor Moon = dumb blonde with a heart of gold. So if she were a he, she'd be Gourry Gabriev from Slayers!

Sweenie Todd (misspelling intentional)- Revenge obsessed, mournful over losing husband and child, likes hacking into people.  The Bride from Kill Bill.  I mean, duh.

Lady Turpin- Smooth, hypocritical, power-hungry, molests her teenage son.  Mrs. Iselin from The Manchurian Candidate (original) practically IS Turpin.  And being played by Angela Lasbury doesn't hurt...

Mr. Lovett- Lonely, amoral hearthrob who justifies his own action against others.  Steerpike from Gormenghast.

John Barker- Neurotic, obsessed with bird, controlled by his mother.  I almost hate to say it, but here comes Norman Bates.

Annie Hope- Naive, plucky girl who will do anything to save her love.  Polly Peachum from the Threepenny Opera.

Tabitha Ragg- Adorable, abused adolescent madly in love with her savior, only have her dreams come crashing down about her violently.  Johanna Barker, now that I think about it...

Antonia Pirelli- Flashy, child-abusing con artist with a silly accent.  Madame Thernardier from Les Miz.

Lady Bamford- Seemingly devoted assistant, who may or may not have her own agenda.  Much as it pains me to say this, I have to go with a character I actually love- Magenta from Rocky Horror.
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The biggest SoP news since the Neil Gaimen comic... [Jan. 29th, 2008|02:10 pm]
Sweeney Pies Nonanonymous
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May I have you attention please?! (how original -_-)

On deviantART Leopreston announced
that she will be making a anthropomorphic comic of "The String Of Pearls" 

For those of us unfamiliar with SoP, its the 1846 Penney-dreadful that was the first adaptation of the story of Sweeney Todd.

The comic isn't out yet but here are the links to the sketches:


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Non- crack fic! *Gasp, shock* [Dec. 28th, 2007|12:24 am]
Sweeney Pies Nonanonymous

I had been thinking about the Beadle, a minor character who can be portrayed in a variety of different ways.  Was he really a mindless sidekick, or was something going on in that twisted little mind?

I came up with four answers to that question, each based on a different portrayal of the Beadle that I've either seen, heard of, or imagine could be done...

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(no subject) [Dec. 25th, 2007|04:25 am]
Sweeney Pies Nonanonymous

Maybe it is the furry in me, but I'm kind of wondering: What animals d'ye see the different cast members as? I see Missus Lovett as a cat of some kind, for example. Toby is a puppy. What d'ye see?
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Have a little...whoops. [Dec. 24th, 2007|09:28 pm]
Sweeney Pies Nonanonymous

[mood |amusedamused]

So I was walking out of seeing Sweeney Todd with my friend. Looking around for her and her family, and specifically her brother's friend, who appeared to have gotten lost from our party for a minute. Naturally I looked at a few others leaving the theatre. Including one man whose dress struck me as a little odd.

I think it was the all black, and that little white collar around his neck....

I'm pretty sure the priest I saw had come from seeing Sweeney. So, lovely comm members, are you by any chance among the flavors served at Mrs. Lovett's? If so, how do you feel about how you taste? x)

I'm a poet and I was an actor. But I'm pretty sure I'm not too overdone.
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Fanart [Dec. 19th, 2007|08:27 pm]
Sweeney Pies Nonanonymous

I must warn you, it contains some Toby abuse. So if you don't like to see Toby sad, you might not want to click.
There's no violence or anything though. Just a really sad little Toby in a straightjacket.
Here you go. :D
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A Gift (of sorts) [Dec. 5th, 2007|05:52 pm]
Sweeney Pies Nonanonymous

In light of the approaching holiday season, I'm working on a few works of fanfiction as a present of sorts for all of the members of my fandom of choice. This is only a teaser-- there will be a different piece, a longer one, that I plan on writing and posting closer to Christmas. I wanted this to be a surprise, so it has not been beta read; because of this constructive criticism would be very beneficial.

Anyway, I do hope you enjoy. It's revival fic, set in the asylum, and yes it's quite fluffy. Hopefully not too silly, but the idea came to me and I didn't want to let it go without giving it a shot. I'm treating the asylum as a modern-day institution for the duration of this fic, and Tobias's story of Sweeney Todd as a series of vivid delusions.

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